WayCo Ham Company combines three generations of expertise in providing “Flavor for the Southern Soul”. Dating back to 1946, Waitus Worrell began curing country hams and giving them to close family and friends for the holidays. That tradition lives on today as Waitus’ son and grandson, Tony and George Worrell, continue using the same exact methods and ingredients to produce authentic, country-cured goodness. Starting with the lean, grain-fed pork, and coated with Waitus’ original blend of salt, brown sugar, and seasonings, the hams patiently age in climate-controlled curing rooms where the unhurried cycles of the Southern seasons are perfectly reproduced.

WayCo Ham Company is located in Goldsboro, NC, in the heart of Wayne County. Its “Old Waynesboro” brand of country ham products can be found in Harris Teeter’s, Wal-Mart Supercenters, Piggly Wiggly’s, and other fine select grocers and restaurants throughout NC, as well as parts of SC and VA.