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COUNTRY HAM: The Best Holiday Gift You Can Give to a Valued Client

THE BEST HOLIDAY GIFT YOU CAN GIVE TO A VALUED CLIENT is our fully cooked, spiral sliced, bone-in whole country ham. They’re 11-13 lbs. each, aged for more than 100 days, impressively packaged, and shipped to your client’s door or home with a custom message. They’re the perfect thank-you gift that will always be remembered and anticipated the next year! Peel…and eat! It’s our signature product, and true flavor for the southern soul…and your client!


Country Ham from WayCo Hams

Our signature product, delivered in our classic WayCo Country Ham bag.

Country Ham: Here’s Our Signature Country Ham

OUR VERY BEST! Fully cooked, spiral sliced, bone-in whole country ham. They’re 11-13 lbs each, beautifully package, shipped to your door! They’re perfect for your next family event, end of year trip to the beach, or outstanding for peel-and-eat for tail gating. It’s our signature product, and true flavor for the southern soul! waycohams.com/product/427/

Country Ham from WayCo Hams


Country Ham: Where Did WayCo Ham’s Curing Process Come From?

Where did the WayCo Ham curing process come from? Colonial North Carolina! The meat was slaughtered in the cold temperatures of winter, buried for preservation, cleaned and hung in the spring, then “aged” in the summer air. 70-years ago, our founder Waitus Worrell was so intrigued with the idea he tried it using modern-day temperature-controlled equipment. And now…you can enjoy it too! Just visit Waycohams.com for delicious uncooked or cooked country ham! Slices, 1/2 hams and whole hams!

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Here’s Tony Worrell removing “fully cooked” country hams from the oven.

Country Ham from WayCo Hams

Country Ham: Visit Harris Teeter for Old Waynesboro Products by WayCo Ham

Goodness from Wayne County! When you visit the Butcher Department at your favorite Harris Teeter, look for our delicious Old Waynesboro Country Ham products from WayCo Hams. It’s where you can stock up on country ham biscuit slices, center slices, our delicious bacon, and end pieces for cooking and flavoring. Flavor for the Southern Soul from Wayne County NC’s WayCo Ham at Harris Teeter!

Country Ham from WayCo Hams at Harris Teeter

Country Ham: Our Signature Product is our 11-13lb Country Ham

SIGNATURE COUNTRY HAM: Our signature product, the one we’re most proud of, is going to be our fully cooked, bone-in 11-13lb. Country Ham. Not only are they cured the same way we’ve been curing ham for 70-years, as a finishing touch every ham is moved into our smokehouse where they’re slowly and gently smoked over a bed of smoldering hickory chips. This is where the color and aroma make these hams irresistible! Perfect for a family gathering, holiday event, or gift giving!  CLICK HERE TO GET YOURS

Country Ham from WayCo Hams

What is a “Cure Master”?

What is a Cure Master? It’s a word of honor bestowed on an individual who has decades of experience understanding how to cure meats, and keeps the secret ingredients secret, so that when their product is made today, it has the same taste, texture, aroma, and flavor from years ago! At WayCo Hams, that’s George Worrell, 3rd generation Cure Master, using the exact methods of producing the finest North Carolina Country Ham passed on by Waitus Worrell, first generation of WayCo Ham Company and our first Cure Master.

Country Ham Cure Masters

How to Make the Best Breakfast You Have Ever Had!

This is not your everyday bacon! If you’re thinking about a “personal” breakfast, the kind you only cook for yourself, the kind of breakfast where you make the eggs the way you want, the potatoes the way you want, and the bacon the way you want, only this time you go to meat department at Harris Teeter and find WayCo Hams Bacon, IT WILL BE THE BEST BREAKFAST YOU HAVE EVER HAD!

WayCo Hams Bacon from Harris Teeter

Our Curing Process…then and now!

Country Ham: The “Then” image from WayCo Hams may be the past, but the way we cure our Authentic North Carolina Country Ham “Now” is the same as it was “Then”!

After being hand rubbed two times, the aging and drying process lasts for more than 100-days (versus 10 or less for the “mass” producers).

We let the flavor happen naturally. That’s why it tastes so good! WayCo Hams, celebrating 70-years of goodness!

Country Ham the way we did it "Then"






Country Ham the way it's cured "Now"!


Enter Our Best Country Ham Recipe Contest!

Do you have a recipe that includes Country Ham as an ingredient? Then share it with us! Either post it on our Facebook page or send us an email to: waycohamcontest@gmail.com.

Your recipe can include country ham in it, your favorite way of preparing country ham, or even your favorite way of making country ham biscuits! And if you send us pictures it is a plus!

The winning entry (via email or Facebook post) receives a delicious fully cooked 1/2 bone in Authentic North Carolina Country Ham from WayCo Hams! How good is that!

Contest ends March 31st!

WayCo Country Ham

The Best Country Ham & Egg Biscuits EVER!