Fully Cooked, Bone-In Whole Country Ham 10-12 lbs


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We take pride in offering you our signature product, a Fully-Cooked, Bone-In, Southern Cured WayCo Country Ham.  Yours will weigh 10-12 lbs, arrive vacuum packed, fully cooked, ready to serve and eat!

Since 1946, WayCo Hams has been perfecting the process of making Southern Cured Country Ham, which means you will love it!  We start with grain fed pork, hand rubbed with our own blend of salt, brown sugar, and special seasonings, then a week later do it again!  That’s to guarantee the cure mix is evenly distributed.  Then every ham goes through a process lasting over 100 days, assuring you’re buying North Carolina’s best country ham, perfectly balanced, mellow, and lightly-salted.  Truly, “Flavor for the Southern Soul!”

2 thoughts on “Fully Cooked, Bone-In Whole Country Ham 10-12 lbs

  1. Lyn Hensel

    when do i need to order a fully cooked ham for an October 5th party and do you have suggestions for slicing?

    1. George

      Hello. You would need to call our office at 800-962-2614 for shipping times because it depends on where the product would be going. As far as slicing, we can also answer that question for you during the phone call. Thank you!


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