Uncooked, Hickory-Smoked Whole Country Ham 14-17 lbs



For Country Ham lovers who want the best, our Southern Cured WayCo Country Whole Ham is perfect.  Cured, dried, and aged for over 100 days, and finished off with 100 hours of real hickory smoke (no liquid smoke here!), our whole hams can be prepared & utilized in a number of ways — cooked whole, cut into slices for frying, or sliced paper-thin prosciutto style.  Delivered weight is 14-17 lbs.

Since 1946, WayCo Hams has been perfecting the process of making Southern Cured Country Ham, which means you will love it!  We start with grain fed pork, hand rubbed with our own blend of salt, brown sugar, and special seasonings, then a week later do it again!  That’s to guarantee the cure mix is evenly distributed.  Then every ham goes through a process lasting over 100 days, assuring you’re buying North Carolina’s best country ham, perfectly balanced, mellow, and lightly-salted.  Truly, “Flavor for the Southern Soul!”

One thought on “Uncooked, Hickory-Smoked Whole Country Ham 14-17 lbs

  1. Mike Dawkins

    Saw your process on the “chefs life” tv program.
    I grew up helping on my grand parents farm process hogs in the 1960’s . Enjoyed the salt cured hams & shoulders. Wanting to give your country ham a try to see if I can bring back those memories and taste.

    Please put me on your mailing list!



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