WayCo Country Ham and Party Rolls

This recipe was entered into our recipe contest in March 2016, and thought we’d post it! Thanks to Margie Griggs Crabtree of Greensboro, NC!

Margie: Every ham biscuit I’d ever had nearly choked me to death! Then I tried making them this way, and everyone, including me loves them:

  • Replace the dry biscuit with a soft party roll, they come 20 to a package.
  • Have the country ham shaved
  • Cut all biscuits in half as you would to add butter, then butter each biscuit liberally (this is made easier by using softened butter).
  • Add ever how much ham you desire, put the top back on the biscuit and place in large pan, cover with foil and bake @350-375 degrees for 20-30 minutes

Melt in your mouth delicious! No more dry biscuit!

Margie Griggs Crabtree

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